Designing with Windows: Different Styles Explained


A detail that is often overlooked in the design of a home is the windows. Windows play a large role in how warm or cool your house is, the noise level, and of course, the overall aesthetic appeal.


Many people are unaware that windows can even be configured in different shapes, sizes, and colors to fit your personal style. Additionally, windows can open a variety of ways, such as sliding up, swinging open, or tipping up like a canopy.


The number of choices can be overwhelming, so we’ve broken down the different types for you.


Stationary/Picture/Fixed Windows—do not open or close, but are used to show large outdoor views and to allow more natural light shine into your home.

Transom Windows—usually do not open or close, windows you often see above doors or above other windows in homes.

Sliding/Gliding Windows—slide horizontally over or past the other window. An ideal choice for difficult-to-reach areas.

Hung Windows—one part of the window (Single Hung), or both parts (Double Hung), move up and down vertically. This is the most common option in American homes today.

Casement Windows—operate by the turn of a crank. Hinged on the left or right side to open outward. Casements provide excellent energy efficiency and security for your home, with a tight compression seal and locks on all sides of the window when closed.

Tilt-Turn Windows—similar to a casement but inward opening, this high-performance window shuts tightly when closed. Tilt-Turns can also tilt, as the name implies, inward for ventilation similar to hopper windows.

Hopper Windows—hinged at the bottom and open inward to the house. These windows are a great fit for compact spaces while also offering excellent ventilation for the house.


Casement, tilt-turn, awning and hopper windows are known for being excellent insulators because of compression-seal technology. They also allow for a less obstructed view than hung and slider windows due to the lack of a meeting rail.


Now that you understand the different types of windows, evaluate and see which ones would be the best fit for your home!


But these aren’t the only windows you can choose from. With REHAU, you can create custom configurations with the specific shape, style and colors of your choice! Learn more about our most popular window styles or contact us for more info!