Let the Evidence Speak: There’s No Perfect Formula For All HVAC Needs

There's no perfect HVAC Formula

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While reading the spring edition of High Performance Buildings (HPB) magazine the other day, I found a great article that talks about common trends in high performance buildings. Both radiant and geothermal are mentioned as common HVAC features in a building’s attaining significant energy reductions.



I’ve worked on various projects throughout North America as collaborations between REHAU and MEPs, and have found that one common sentiment is always found: No two buildings are identical. There is no magic black box, no one certain formula, to serve all of our HVAC needs.



I’m sure for many engineers in the building technology sector, this provides a sense of relief and job security, since it shows we are constantly faced with unique challenges on every project and can expect to be gainfully employed – at least for the foreseeable future.


The article in HPB magazine, published by our good friends at ASHRAE, does a great job of illustrating this. But it concurrently asserts that certain trends are leading to the most efficient buildings, many of which have been featured over the last few years in the magazine’s case studies. Integrated ground loop geothermal and radiant heating/cooling systems are one of these trends.


Although these types of systems are my passion and I’d love to go on–and often do, ad nauseum–I am more than happy to step aside and let independent evidence speak for itself. I highly recommend the article not only for its brief plug on REHAU technologies, but also because of its realistic approach to sustainable building design. Once regarded simply as a trend in the construction industry, it has emerged as a predominant force with its own market in a rapidly expanding portion of the economy.


HPB magazine regularly covers examples of radiant heating and cooling coupled to geothermal loop fields. If you’re looking to learn more about this technology, this magazine is a good source of information.


Read the article here. (See subhead “Common Characteristics of High Performers,” pg 49.)


By Ryan Westlund, EIT, Systems Engineering Specialist, REHAU Construction LLC