The Real Wave of the Future: Smart, Web-Enabled HVAC Controls

REHAU Smart Controls

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Back in the good old days when guys like me were watching “The Jetsons” reruns and dreaming of future HVAC controls, the forced-air ductwork and that classic round thermostat combination were the “wave of the future” in residential HVAC design.




Fortunately, indoor comfort technology has evolved far beyond even my wildest dreams as a budding applications engineer. Web-enabled HVAC controls are quickly gaining traction as the way in which the sophisticated mechanical systems of today’s homes and light commercial buildings are being operated.



And as we continue to advance in the way we design and then integrate individual HVAC components forced air paired with radiant, for instance these control systems will become even more integral in how we’re able to achieve ultimate energy efficiency and comfort.


In order to choose the right controls system, however, you need to not only understand the individual components and how they’re meant to operate independently, but you also have to keep in mind how each component is meant to work in concert with the HVAC system as a whole.



In the video posted below, we explain our own controls system in more detail. It’s not a futuristic spectacle from the Jetsons, but I’ll wager you’ll be impressed by its intelligence.





By Oliver Carman, Application Engineer, REHAU Building Solutions