The Battle of PVC. vs. Aluminum—Who Wins? [Infographic]

In the world of windows and doors, there is a myriad of choices. When it comes to commercial projects, some architects and contractors will opt for the habitual aluminum windows and doors, when in fact, vinyl (uPVC) systems are a far better choice. Read here why.

Mastering Modern Part II: 4 Traits of Modern Windows

Modern windows take interior design elements and use them to create a bridge between indoor and outdoor spaces.

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How Much Is Your Time Worth?

Can you make a radiant heat manifold out of copper fittings and pipe for less than it costs for a preassembled manifold from a manufacturer? The short answer is likely yes.

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Are Your Employees Walking or Biking?

While there is always a risk that you might lose what you invest in training an employee, it is absolutely certain that untrained employees aren’t able to give you their best every day.

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Making Colors for Eternity: RAUVISIO crystal

There is a fascinating science behind color. Colors are perceived differently from person to person and can have a very real effect on mood.

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Energy 1 Talks About Ecosmart House

We're learning new things all the time about how various green building and renewable energy technologies can work together to make a structure more operationally proficient.