Defining Human Comfort

While we can all point to indoor climate factors that cause discomfort, it’s a lot harder to define and see eye-to-eye on the qualities of comfort.

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Battling Budget Cuts with High Performance School Buildings

Energy-efficient technologies such as radiant heating and cooling can help schools and universities deal with budget restrictions.

  • It's Under Your Feet

The Path to Net-Zero: It’s Under Your Feet

A recent study by the New Buildings Institute found that about 30 percent of near net-zero buildings in the United States use radiant heating and cooling systems.

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  • Radiant cooling

Radiant Cooling: The Condensation Misconception

There's a frustrating misconception out there that radiant cooling in commercial buildings leads to condensation problems.

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  • REHAU® MONTANA ecosmart house

Energy 1 Talks About Ecosmart House

We're learning new things all the time about how various green building and renewable energy technologies can work together to make a structure more operationally proficient.

  • REHAU Smart Controls

The Real Wave of the Future

Web-enabled HVAC controls are quickly gaining traction as the way in which the sophisticated mechanical systems of today's homes and light commercial buildings are being operated.

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  • The thermostat won't totally explain your comfort level...

“What Does the Thermostat Say?”

Sitting in our TV room one cold evening, my wife asked, “What does the thermostat say?” I promptly grabbed a pencil and engineering graph paper.

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  • There's no perfect HVAC Formula

There’s No Perfect HVAC Formula

I've worked on various projects throughout North America as collaborations between REHAU and MEPs, and have found that one common sentiment is always found: No two buildings are identical.

  • Acoustic Chilled Ceiling Panels

What Are Acoustic Chilled Ceiling Panels?

How energy efficient is a chilled ceiling panel system? How does it work? How is it installed? What kind of climate is it best suited for?

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