Top 4 Reasons to Replace Your Windows


Over time, wear and tear can cause windows to crack, break, or become completely unusable. But even a window that’s not ‘broken’ may need to be replaced. Here are four reasons you should consider replacing your windows right now:


1. Opening and closing is difficult

Dealing with warped wood or corroded aluminum is a hassle, but opening your window for fresh air should not be a chore. Safety can also become an issue if excess friction causes a window sash to slam shut. Worn weatherpiles can further be the reason your hung/sider windows require the strong and handsome neighbor’s help every time you want to open or close your window (ok, admittedly, not the only reason …)


2. Your energy bill is high

Many people turn to their spouse claiming they’ve changed the AC settings again when their energy bill is high. In reality, windows that offer poor insulation could very likely be the cause of the problem.


3. You are bothered by drafts and noise

When corner joints loosen or seals wear down (or your window wasn’t high quality in the first place), drafts and even leaks can occur—not to mention that being able to hear your neighbor’s lawn mower loud and clear through the cracks is a buzzkill.


4.There’s fog between the panes

An old window is likely to contribute to condensation, which could eventually lead to mold, a risk to your family’s health. So besides being unsightly and giving you a clouded view of the outdoors, breathing in toxins from mold and mildew can cause respiratory problems and even depression.


If you’re having any or more than one of these problems, it’s time to replace your windows. REHAU’s windows boast fusion- welded corners, superior thermal performance, and reduce noise and drafts significantly.


You deserve to be comfortable in your home—learn how you by visiting our window solutions website.