John Siegenthaler on Important Trends in the Hydronics Industry


By Max Rohr, manager, REHAU Academy


In the last 10 years, the hyronics industry has witnessed many new products and innovations in technology. John Siegenthaler, principal of Appropriate Design, shared with me his insights on current and future heating trends.


Current Trends
Clearly, radiant heating installations are trending upward. John emphasizes that the main points to take into account to design a successful radiant heating system are fuel availability, local resources for installation and service as well as the reliability of both the system and the owner.


He stresses that, while industry often stays fixated on the thermal efficiency of a heat source, the energy usage of the distribution itself is an important factor that shouldn’t be ignored.


Also, when designing custom systems, proper documentation is crucial. This creates a road map for the installation as well as for any repairs needed years down the line.


Ten Years From Now
I asked John what he predicts the industry will see in ten years. He answered:


  • Increased use of renewable energy
  • Progressively lower water temperatures in systems
  • More heat metering


A tip from John: In your work with customers as a heating contractor, explain that you’re not just replacing their heating system, you’re giving it a makeover.