The Future of the Industry – What Will Help Us Grow?

By Max Rohr, manager, REHAU Academy


The heating and plumbing industry is a rapidly changing field. I spoke with Eric Aune, co-owner of Mechanical Hub, on the challenges and opportunities this growth brings to the industry and recruiting process.


Over time, job sites have become less chaotic and the trend is to make hydronic systems simplier. As this trend continues, the number of people on the job site may decline. Heating professionals will need a vast and varied knowledge base to keep up with these trends.


To prepare professionals for these changes, tactical training, use of social media resources and continuing education are important. Recruiting new, qualified talent can be a challenge. It is crucial to identify people with a desire to work with their hands and innovate with the latest technology.


As we look toward the future, Eric stresses it is important to make systems simpler to install and operate. This will decrease human error and strengthen consumer trust in industry experts.


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