Growth in Radiant Puts Training at the Forefront


Radiant heating installation

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Current market trends are contributing to a rising demand for radiant heating systems and the contractors capable of installing them. As head of training at REHAU Academy, I’ve watched the class sizes for radiant heating design and installation seminars grow significantly in recent years. So, what’s driving demand?


Energy Efficiency

The owner of a radiant heating system can set their thermostat as much as 4°F lower compared with a forced air system without sacrificing comfort. This reduces fuel consumption and often yields significant utility bill savings. The rising popularity of geothermal heat pumps also plays a role. These heat pumps have been found to work very effectively with radiant heating systems.



Discovery in the Commercial Sector

Building owners are discovering that radiant is ideal for spaces with high ceilings, high air infiltration and generally large amounts of space. The reduced maintenance requirements of a radiant system are also very attractive.


Green Building

The move toward sustainable building is boosting the demand for radiant heating, which enhances not only energy efficiency, but also the indoor environment with even, comfortable temperatures, quieter operation and improved air quality.


Get Going on Radiant

Whether you’re a plumbing and mechanical contractor or someone on the traditional forced air side of the fence, getting the radiant heating component of your business up, running and capitalizing in a fairly short period of time can be as simple as following these three steps:


1. Partner with a supportive supplier.

2. Get educated on products, installation and design techniques.

3. Use great products, including the right tools.



And, as soon as you can, get training from the experts – this will directly impact your success. Learn more at our website and feel free to comment below or to contact me via email.


By Lance MacNevin, Manager, REHAU Academy