Fiberglass and Vinyl…Combined into One?!

It’s no secret that window and door materials all have their limitations. As the years have progressed, advanced technologies have made for better windows and doors. Eventually, the innovative material RAU-FIPRO emerged—a fusion of fiberglass and uPVC. This 100% unique window and door formula from REHAU provides the distinct advantages of both uPVC and fiberglass, without the downsides of either..


With one-of-a-kind RAU-FIPRO, you get:



  • Fusion-welded corners designed for 0 leakage—keeping worries, rain, and drafts out of your home.


  • 2x stronger than PVC alone—the need for reinforcements in your windows is greatly reduced, saving money and time.
  • Larger windows and doors are made possible with RAU-FIPRO, which lets in natural light and showcases beautiful views.


  • More than 10% better thermal performance than vinyl windows with metal reinforcements.
  • RAU-FIPRO creates windows and doors that help maintain indoor temperature no matter the weather or season.


Watch the video to learn more:



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