Drive Your Boiler Like Your Car


If you happened to be lucky enough to own an Italian sports car, would you let a blindfolded teenager drive it?  Most sane people would say no.  The blindfolded teen couldn’t see the road to make good decisions to slow down or turn.  Even if they had proper training they wouldn’t have the information needed to operate the car well.


Why do we treat boiler systems differently?  I have been on too many jobsites where state-of-the-art heating equipment was being driven by poor system controls.  A modern modulating-condensing boiler has the best opportunity to modulate and condense when it is able to react to heat loss information in the building in real time.  If a south-facing room is catching lots of morning solar heat gain, you don’t need the boiler to go to full speed.  If it is a warm spring day, you don’t need design day supply water temperatures from the boiler plant to every zone.  However, if you don’t have system controls bringing information back to the boiler room from the house, you are making decisions based on the supply and return boiler temperatures only.  This isn’t enough to drive well.


Smart Controls

As a heating industry, we want our equipment to last a long time.  We want it to keep energy bills down while keeping people comfortable.  Our REHAU Smart Controls systems give your boiler, or whatever heat source you are using, the information needed to drive well.  Smart controls look at the boiler equipment equivalents of the traffic ahead of you –the engine RPM, the oil temperature and traffic signals.


Take control of your heating systems and learn more about our Smart Controls systems! Click here to watch a short video. Don’t let the careless teenager drive your boiler!


By Max Rohr, Manager, REHAU Academy