Are Your Employees Walking or Biking?

What if you spend time and money training your employees and then they leave? What if you don’t and they stay?




While there is always a risk that you might lose what you invest in training an employee, it is absolutely certain that untrained employees aren’t able to give you their best every day.


Let’s say your goal is to get a team of five people across Kansas in the shortest possible time. You have five bicycles in the garage, but they are all broken.  Will it be quicker to abandon the bikes and have all five people immediately start walking? Or will it be quicker if they take the time to fix the bikes?


If they walk consistently at 3 miles per hour, without stopping or sleeping, it will take nearly six days to get across Kansas. If instead they take a full 24 hours to fix all the bikes, their travel speed will increase to 10 miles per hour. Despite going 0 miles per hour for the first day, they will get across Kansas in only three days.


Give your employees time to fix their metaphorical bikes! They not only need to learn how to avoid mistakes, but also how to do each step efficiently.  Without sufficient training, they are probably walking instead of biking. 


While it is hard to take a member of your team out of the office or the field, they will be able to contribute more to your business in the long term if they make the most of every hour they are at work.


Not all training involves a multi-day seminar in a far-away city. There is an abundance of new plumbing and heating training online.  You could start by picking one morning a week for one of your employees to sit down in the shop and watch a pre-recorded webinar on a relevant topic.  I’m confident that you will find that setting aside just of few hours per week for training helps your team get more done.


By Max Rohr, manager, REHAU Academy