008: Planning and Communication: Key Points for Contractors

Max Rohr and Al Levi discuss how contractors can better diagnose both problems and customer needs through planning and communication.

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007: Interview With John Barba, Director of Training at Taco

As an industry trainer with over 20 years of experience, John Barba understands how simple mistakes and assumptions can greatly impact a system’s performance.

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Are Your Energy-efficient Windows Really Controlling Heat Loss?

Many window brands can be generally classified as energy-efficient. Here's a look at how a window is specifically designed to prevent heat loss.

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006: Window Styles

A tight seal around the complete window unit and multiple locking points make tilt-turn windows one of the best options for energy efficiency.

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005: Lochinvar’s Ernie Chase on Boiler Technology

Contractors who know the latest boiler system technology secure more jobs for their business.

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004: Rohr Family Insights on Hydronics

An interview with hydronics industry trainers Bob “Hot Rod” Rohr and Ellen Rohr.

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How Much Is Your Time Worth?

Can you make a radiant heat manifold out of copper fittings and pipe for less than it costs for a preassembled manifold from a manufacturer? The short answer is likely yes.

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Are Your Employees Walking or Biking?

While there is always a risk that you might lose what you invest in training an employee, it is absolutely certain that untrained employees aren’t able to give you their best every day.

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The Fire Brigade is Coming!

Little known fact: REHAU produces a very important component of what might just be the most famous fire truck in the world.

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003: Interview With Hydronics Expert John Siegenthaler, PE (35:30)

The hyronics industry has witnessed many new products and innovations in technology. What's the most current? What can we expect over the next 10 years?

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